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managing health
Take-Charge Health
"for the health of your Life"
Health Management
Education - Prevention

This site seeks to provide educational/ informational Resource links & aids
for the health professional & the lay person.

Our mission: Education, Prevention & Self-Care

Self-Help/Self-Care is always a joint effort in collaboration with medical providers.
We trust that these Resources will be of some assistance toward our mutual goals.
Philosophy & Disclaimer

HealthEnhancement Services.com
is an informational and educational Resource vehicle for the use of both health care professionals and patients. It is not for diagnosis & treatment which process should take place between physicians & patients.

Because of the complex nature of the human body and the individual health status of each person, we recommend:
1) researching the efficacy & safety of any prescription, treatment, alternative therapy, diet, nutrition, supplement, or health modification program
2) consulting with your chosen, competent, informed health care professionals who are willing to research, evaluate, teach, seek other opinions, and encourage co-decision making and co-responsibility.

We hope that this philosophy of co-responsibility will have an additional effect of being able to help put an end to the law suits which raise the prices of both medical care & insurance.
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