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a Physician

Your Medical Doctor is an important choice as he is crucial on your "Team" and, as he/she works with God, can mean the difference between life & death.
There are excellent books on "choosing a physician", but briefly:

1.) Choose your personal physician carefully and wisely, allowing an interview to precede the choice.
Consider those doctors who value the patient as "in" the loop of evaluating and decision-making, when the patient wishes to be a participatory partner..

2.) Establish a physician you can trust in an emergency to "go to bat" for you personally, including thoroughly reasearching all available literature, including being willing to seek advice from experts in the field, hopefully seeking God's help, and generally having a heavy dose of caring, --to help save your life or health, when you call upon him/her, no matter where you are at the time of the emergency.

Keep his/her phone number with you at all times.

Worth Noting

"There's a lot more to health than not being sick"

Bruce Larson (quote is also his book title)

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"Be careful when reading health books; you may die of a misprint."

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910 US humorist, novelist, journalist, river pilot)
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